Critical Studies Game Art – Zelda and Metal Gear test Play

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1. What are the similarities between both
games (colour, view and gameplay)?

Both games use a limited colour pallet that makes this a simpler style and allows the player to focus on gameplay. Both games have a strong narrative that is expressed through text, that the player has to read to understand the narrative (no voice acting available in the era yet). The games are a fixed, top-down view that is looking at character and rooms/cells. Each game has a specific audience and genre to it but each shares adventure/action elements with gameplay.

2. Which of the two games do you feel is
more advanced in terms of the game art

Metal Gear definitely holds more detail and overall is symbiotic to gameplay. The textures are very advanced, holding details that can correlate to real-world items. The game was also aimed more at teenagers and young adults that wanted a more nervy/dark experience, over family games like Zelda. The games stealth-military themes mean you have to look at the assets and characters to gauge how to approach every level. The colours and music also infer feelings of the sombre mood. Grey-blues are cast against the warmer browns/white of character, bringing out important pieces on the screen. All enemies have different classes and sound effects to go with it. The game is very advanced considering when it was made.

3. Which out of the two games you have
tested did you prefer the most and why?

Personally, I prefer Zelda. Although it’s less advanced than metal gear; the game is far more colourful and engaging. The feel is more chipper and the characters are stylised with light pastel tones. I feel playing metal gear is a more gritty game & Zelda is cuter and allows the player to fill in the gaps.

4. How do these games keep you engaged?

Metal Gear is an overhead shooter with elements of stealth and action-adventure. The game itself focuses on making the player focus on the stealth mechanics, searching every room for new ways to engage enemies quietly – or not at all. The Legend of Zelda (Zelda) is a high-fantasy video game that is narratively driven but puts the player into action from the get-go. Zelda starts initially with a focus on narrative and scrolling text that immerses you into the world, but after it allows you to go off the linear path and explore the world.

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